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marine charts for the mediterranean sea
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While many on land might refer to these charts as "sea maps", at sea
(where we have a multiple names for just about anything), we generally call these "charts"


Innovative Technology that Makes Mediterranean Navigation Easy

savvy charts

Savvy Mediterranean Sea Maps (Charts)

Get clear, easy to use electronic savvy charts™ for the Mediterranean at the touch of a button. We source our sea maps, or as sailors call them, chart data from official hydrographic offices which we integrate into a stunning chart design built with usability in mind.

mediterranean sea charts
Boat GPS App Mediterranean
tidal data

Live GPS

Wherever you go boating in the Mediterranean you can easily view your boat’s GPS location, course and speed over ground, sea maps, as well as the distance between your boat and essential landmarks around you, on your phone or tablet.

marine GPS

Visual Wind Analysis

Prevailing winds in the Mediterranean include the mistral which usually blows from the north before curving eastwards towards the Balearics. There’s also the Bora which blows from the north to the top of the Adriatic and then down through to the south. Get a quick visual overlay of the changing wind direction with our graphic wind overview.

Wind Forecast App Mediterranean
Weather Forecast
boating wind maps

Mediterranean Weather Forecast

Review the wind strength, direction and weather conditions across the Mediterranean using the slider to view the changing patterns day-to-day.

sailing weather forecast

Estimate Your Arrival Time

Quickly plot a route to see the time, distance and fuel usage required to get to your destination in the Mediterranean, so you can easily let your friends know when you’ll arrive.

Boat ETA Planning Tool for the Mediterranean
East Coast USA Charts for boats
savvy navvy route plotting

Mediterranean Route Planning

Drop a pin at your start location, another at your finish location and savvy navvy will calculate the best route for you and your boat, taking into account wind, weather, Mediterranean sea maps (charts) and boat data.

departure schedule function

Fuel Efficiency

Adjust your engine and cruising speed settings to enable savvy navvy to calculate your estimated fuel consumption. Never worry about running out of fuel again.

motorboat fuel efficiency app

More Boating App Features.

Schedule departure time

See at a glance the best time to depart based on your route, wind & tidal conditions, see the demo.

Automatic Course to Steer (CTS)

Get an automatic CTS when you plot a route in the Mediterranean with savvy navvy as well as details on tidal streams, highs and lows. Click “Preview” for an easy to see an overview of your route.

Anchorage and Marina Details

Pick an overnight stay like a Mediterranean local. View seafloor details such as mud or sand, check out marina facilities, VHF numbers, fuel options, mooring options, shorelines, wind protection directions and more.

Night Vision and Satellite Overviews

It can stay light pretty late in the Mediterranean but when it does get dark preserve your night vision with “Night Mode”. Alternatively, switch to satellite view to take a closer look at harbours, marinas and bays.

Offline Mediterranean Weather and Charts

When cruising the Med you may not always be within range of a signal. With savvy navvy you can download mediterranean sea maps and weather data for use offline.

Export Your Route

Would you like to use your savvy route™ in conjunction with your chart plotter? Simply export your route in the app to a GPX file and then upload it to the chart plotter on your boat.

Customer Support for Mediterranean Boaters

Whether you’re sailing in the Med or anywhere in the world our team have a dedicated customer support team who act as your silent first mate, ready to answer any questions you have along the way. With us, you never sail alone.

Mediterranean Sea Maps

Sign up to savvy navvy and get access to all our savvy charts™ wherever we have coverage. Click on our chart coverage map to see everywhere we’re active.

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