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Optimise your time on the water with recorded tracks, tide info, weather forecasts and other savvy data…

Never worry again about getting caught out in windy conditions, going backwards with the tide, getting lost or paddling into tricky shallow waters. We’ve got you covered.

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savvy navvy paddleboard navigation app for SUP adventures

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4.7 star appstore rating for award winning navigation app savvy navvy

4.7 out of 5
Over 5,000 5 Star Reviews

5 star app store reviews


I use Savvy Navvy daily for all my inshore fishing here in south Texas. Great for current conditions, including tides and wind direction. It’s like Google maps for boaters. Plan routes, mark your fishing spots and return to the dock in one piece. Every time! Great App 5 stars.

by TeamTandem – Feb 3, 2023
5 star app store reviews


2 weeks ago during the heatwave, we were on the Solent and the temperature fried all our instruments including the GPS plotter. Thank god we had Savvy Navvy as it worked perfectly for the entire weekend and allowed us to do everything we wanted. People say these kind of apps aren’t meant to replace the instruments on board, well I can confirm that when they instruments on board all fail, this was an absolute lifesaver. Can’t wait to test it in other countries.

by Gongolo270 – Sep 16, 2022
5 star app store reviews

Great and simple to use

I sail with friends and families and this app is a great way to illustrate “dads” boring chart work through a much more teenage friendly platform. I use both for cross reference and find it pretty accurate. Considering the price of charts it is extremely good value. – Mar 9, 2023

Innovative Technology for
Paddleboard Adventures

paddleboard record routes

Record Tracks

Explore with greater peace of mind by recording your paddleboard route. With your paddle board GPS location, we’ll track and save your journey so you can easily find your way home, or, show off those impressive distances to your friends!

paddleboard tracker
paddleboard tide app
Paddleboard tide app

SUP Tides

No one enjoys paddling against the tide, or worse, going backwards. So if you live in tricky waters where timing is everything you’ll enjoy our savvy tidal graph that easily shows you tide highs and lows. You can also tap the chart to see the direction and strength of the tide in any given location or toggle on the tidal streams icon for a visual overlay of tidal flows.

sup gps app

Paddleboard GPS

Instantly see your live GPS location, heading and speed in savvy paddle board GPS mode. This is an ideal tool for paddle boarders to check distances and decide where to go next!

paddleboard gps app
weather and wind app SUP
paddle board weather app

Visual Weather Overlay

This savvy weather feature shows you wind strength, direction, changeability and even offers a visual overlay so you can see the changing wind prediction overlaid on your chart.

paddleboard weather app

SUP Weather Forecast

Who likes getting caught in the wind and rain? Well, no one. That’s why we’ve built a Paddleboard weather forecast that enables you to see the predicted weather throughout the day (and the coming days) to plan the best time to leave for a smooth carefree paddle.

SUP Weather Forecast App
gps app route paddle board
weather routing paddleboard gps


Adjust your settings to ‘paddle board’, drop a pin for your start and finish location and savvy navvy will plan a route customised to you. An ideal tool for estimating your journey time and ETA.

paddleboard weather app

Stay Safe with Shared Routes

Whether you’re looking to paddle with friends or would simply like to stay safe by sharing your route with friends and family so they know where you’re going and when to expect you back. This fantastic feature lets you share the adventure with anyone you like.

Route sharing SUP

More Handy SUP Tools!

Satellite Overview

Take a closer look at stunning bays, coves, beaches and more with detailed satellite imagery, one of three viewing modes in the savvy app.

Offline Mode

Download chart and weather packs to ensure you can check your weather forecast and plot routes even when out of range of WiFi or phone signal.

Marina Details

Looking to paddle into a marina for lunch? Use the built-in Navily and Dockwa integrations to read reviews and view facilities for the perfect SUP pit stop.

Customer Support for Paddleboarders

We are with you anywhere in the world with our team of dedicated customer support team who act as your support crew, ready to answer any questions you have along the way.

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