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Easily embed and customise savvy charts™ for your website, article or blog for free.

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Get savvy charts™ on your website

Would you like to have savvy charts™ on your website? Our easy-to-use, simple embed chartlet lets you choose the locations, zoom level, chart size and even add a marker.

Bring the beautiful savvy charts to your website -

  • Indicate your business location on land.
  • Indicate a location at sea or on land.
  • Locate a yacht club or marina.
  • Locate your charter vessel in a busy marina.
  • Share a location or area in an article or blog post.

Embed savvy navvy charts™

Easy embed instructions

Step 1 - Choose your Location

Search, Click, or Drag the marker to the location that you desire.

Step 2 - Set the Zoom Level

Zoom in and out to get the zoom level you want.

Step 3 - What Dimensions?

Set the size of the embed chart that you need for your website - this is in pixels.

Step 4 - Copy the HTML

Copy the code from the box and add that to your website (or send it to your web guys to do!).

The chart should now appear on your website.

If you need any assistance using this embed, please feel free to email our support team:


Please refer to our Chartlet terms of service before adding to your website.