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Finally, fully integrated passage planning

Real time weather forecasts, integrated charted shallows, and wave heights and tidal calculations coming soon… all with just two clicks.

Just planned a short trip from Norman island back to our marina base. Very impressed how accurate it is as I do the this trip every week. Look forward to using it on a longer passage.

Well done very impressed.

-Kevin Hailes

I just signed in to the Beta and plotted my first route. I am hugely impressed. The app gives me so much information! It took me a minute to work out why it showed me tacking on the northerly leg of the route, then realized that it is dealing with the wind direction and strength in real time.


Combining everything you need in one place for the first time…

Since the first seafaring Polynesians 3,000 years ago, navigation at sea hasn’t changed much… Until now!

At last a solution that combines all the required data points in to one simple click and go solution.

And we’re not stopping there

We have many features lined up to build the best navigation solution for you. Try the demo app and tell us what else you’d like to see.