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4.7 star appstore rating for award winning navigation app savvy navvy

4.7 out of 5
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5 star app store reviews


I use Savvy Navvy daily for all my inshore fishing here in south Texas. Great for current conditions, including tides and wind direction. It’s like Google maps for boaters. Plan routes, mark your fishing spots and return to the dock in one piece. Every time! Great App 5 stars.

by TeamTandem – Feb 3, 2023
5 star app store reviews


2 weeks ago during the heatwave, we were on the Solent and the temperature fried all our instruments including the GPS plotter. Thank god we had Savvy Navvy as it worked perfectly for the entire weekend and allowed us to do everything we wanted. People say these kind of apps aren’t meant to replace the instruments on board, well I can confirm that when they instruments on board all fail, this was an absolute lifesaver. Can’t wait to test it in other countries.

by Gongolo270 – Sep 16, 2022
5 star app store reviews

Great and simple to use

I sail with friends and families and this app is a great way to illustrate “dads” boring chart work through a much more teenage friendly platform. I use both for cross reference and find it pretty accurate. Considering the price of charts it is extremely good value. – Mar 9, 2023

Award winning navigation app

British Marine Business of the Year 2023

award winning app
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Great British Entrepreneur Awards
Scale-Up of the Year 2022

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Powerful Tools to Supercharge Your Navigation.

savvy charts

savvy Charts

We licence UKHO, NOAA and other official hydrographic office charts from around the globe. Our designers build savvy charts from the ground up to show essential marine information with a clean and easy-to-view interface.

savvy navvy route plotting

Over the Horizon AIS (OHA)

Enhance safety with greater awareness of vessel movements around you. Using your phone’s internet connection we stream vessel data such as speed, distance, MMSI, position, COG and destination.

marine GPS

GPS Active Tracking

View your live position and check your Course Over Ground (COG) and Speed Over Ground (SOG) in real time. Concentric circles around your position quickly show the distance between you and key features around you.

sailing weather forecast

Marine Weather Forecast

We don’t expect you to be a metrologist to get the most out of your weather data. That’s why we use ECMWF technology to combine multiple weather forecasts for a more comprehensive forecast. Scroll through the coming days to view the changing wind direction, intensity and weather conditions.

boating wind maps

Clouds and Rain Overlay

Use this overlay to view changing weather patterns within your area. This handy tool helps you avoid those pesky squalls and rain showers.

savvy navvy route plotting

Intelligent Route Planning

Easily cross-check traditional navigation for greater peace of mind. We plan your route based on your departure time, boat details, chart data, wind, weather and tidal data, giving you a comprehensive passage plan.

departure schedule function

Estimate Your Arrival Time

For those who don’t like to be late! Plot a route from A to B to get a quick and easy estimation of your distance to travel, fuel requirements and time of arrival. You can then share your chosen route with friends and family so they know when to expect you.

fuel efficiency feature

Fuel Efficiency

No one likes that feeling of potentially running out of fuel. That’s why our custom boat settings let you estimate fuel usage for your intended route based on your engine cruising speed and boat fuel efficiency.

departure schedule function

Schedule departure time

Pick the best time to leave the dock for a better day on the water. Simply plot your route and scroll through the departure times to see the effect on your route, then choose the one you like best! Check out the demo.

And Many More Amazing Features!

routing feature

Import Markers

Import your markers from other navigational tools to view all your saved locations within your savvy app. This ensures your valuable data will continue enhancing your boating experience while enjoying the savvy features you love most! Boat smarter, not harder.

course to steer on passage plan

Course To Steer

Savvy routing provides you with an automatic Course to Steer, taking into account tide, weather and chart data. Thanks to preview mode you can also review every stage of your journey before you set off.

marina information

Marina & Anchorage Information

Boat like a local with key information on tap! Select the marina and anchorage icons to view essential information on seabeds, weather protection, amenities, number of berths, maximum boat length, contact information, and more. Boat global, think local.

Save Your Favourite Locations

Love that secluded bay? Got a restaurant on that island you just don’t want to forget? Save pins at your favourite locations so you never forget those special places.

Anchor Alarm

Sleep like a baby with the savvy anchor alarm. This easy-to-use tool lets you set your safety parameters and happily sets off an alarm should you drift outside your comfort zone.

night & satellite mode

Satellite Mode

Get nosy when investigating the perfect spot with satellite mode. This handy overlay lets you take a more detailed look at marinas and anchorages so you can be sure you pick the best one.

offline charts

Offline Charts & Weather

Wander where the WiFi’s weak with savvy offline. Download chart packs and weather data to your device so you can continue to use the features you love, even when you’re off-grid.

export routes to chartplotter

Export Routes

Plot your route with savvy navvy then export your route to a GPX file. This can be used with your onboard chart plotter for active navigation.

Share Routes with Friends

If you’d like your friends and family to meet you at your destination, or boat alongside, why not share your route so they can come along too? Sharing is caring as they say.

savvy customer support

Dedicated Customer Support

We have a dedicated team on-call within the savvy navvy app to answer any questions you have, wherever and whenever you need us. We are not robots, our team love to help!


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Chart Coverage.

Get access to all savvy charts, without paying anything extra. Check whether we have coverage in your boating area.


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CJ Rodriguez - SnowFrog
CJ Rodriguez
Snow Frog

I’m learning navigation and after i’ve plotted my route I check with savvy navvy and can see whether there’s a big difference. It’s like having someone check your homework!

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Guy Addington
RNLI’s Regional Water Safety Lead

The main theme behind our conversation today has been around unravelling some of the mystique behind trips out into the maritime and coastal environment and the more tools that people are able to pick up and use to help them understand that environment the better.

Tools like the savvy navvy app, and the information provided through the application is unbelievably useful to help people on that journey.

Simon Wilson
savvy navvy customer

An excellent way forward and definitely my number one planning and checking tool.

Jon Walton
savvy navvy customer

I signed up as a Founding Member as I could see the great benefits of savvy navvy. The data is out there and I believe this application will bring it together to provide a useful route planning tool.

Charlotte Willis
savvy navvy customer

Savvy navvy has the weather, it has the tide, it has the charts, it just does it for me.

Kees Postma
Yachtmaster &| Ocean Racer

Already a must-have navigation tool for sailors!

Oliver Cotterell
RYA Yachtmaster Instructor

It’s a great idea to have an app like savvy navvy that enables people to cross-check their plans to ensure they haven’t made any mistakes.

Seedrs investor

A potential life-saving app. The product creation and subsequent business model development has been inspiring.

Lisa Keel
savvy navvy customer

I’m learning navigation and after i’ve plotted my route I check with savvy navvy and can see whether there’s a big difference. It’s like having someone check your homework!

C J Rodriguez
savvy navvy customer

savvy navvy is hands down the best in the market, I have been using it since it first came out as Beta and that is why as soon I knew you guys were opening paid subscribers, I jumped in.

John Milsom
savvy navvy customer

savvy navvy simplifies a whole range of different tasks that, as a skipper, you need to do. As soon as you test it, you just realise how easy it is to use, and how valuable it is!

Mark Hinds
savvy navvy customer

I love it! First I do normal navigation on charts, then I use savvy navvy as a second check to give me a good idea of the best tacks to do, subject to tide, which I understand is coming soon! I even use it just to see the wind direction at home to assess what the mooring is like!


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