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Meteomatics Mix

Many weather apps provide users with a raft of different weather forecasting models, allowing the user to flick through a variety of forecasts. At savvy navvy, we think this approach is like saying “this is too hard - here are all the models; you figure it out”.

We don’t expect you to be a metrologist to get the most out of your sailing weather data. Here at savvy navvy, everything we build is based on the concept of providing you with a smarter solution - not a bag of tools for you to try and figure things out yourself. This is why we’ve teamed up with Meteomatics - the global leader in weather intelligence. 

The Meteomatics Mix combines different sources into an intelligent blend, such that the best data source is chosen for each time and location.

More than ECMWF
  • Combines ECMWF with more than 25 other weather models
  • Mixing weather and terrain models, land use data and astronomical data
  • Spatial resolution ranging from 0.08° to 0.011°  (~6km to ~0.8km)
  • Calibrated with station data for even greater accuracy

Mixing models

As Dr Martin Fengler, CEO and founder of Meteomatics explains:

“We combine weather models with high-resolution terrain models, land use data and astronomical data. This allows us to achieve a level of detail that provides significant added value for our clients. In doing so, the Mix Model we have developed provides the appropriate and refined output for each coordinate worldwide, from all available weather models.”

High Resolution - Downscaling

The Meteomatics Mix uses local terrain models with a resolution of 90 meters. This approach is called 90-meter downscaling, in other words, a scaling of the model data with respect to the local topographic conditions. 

For some extreme use cases on land, like for example predicting the impact of wind on bush fires, 90 meter resolution can make a big difference, but at sea there isn’t really a case for such extreme high resolution. This level of detail would require far too much data to be transferred to the user’s phone.

In order to not use up too much bandwidth, we provide ~0.8km resolution in specific areas (e.g. around the coast) and falling back to ~6km further offshore.

Model of Bora Winds over Croatia - ECWFm Mis vs GFS


A high-resolution model for Europe EURO1k model forecasted these Bora winds at the coast of Croatia with outstanding accuracy, compared with a GFS model.

 savvy navvy and meteomatics - best sailing weather forecasts

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Meteomatix Mix is integrated with savvy navvy's Premium and Elite plans, which are available to try for free.

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Model used
GFS ECMWF + 25 models mixed
~25km ~6km to ~0.8km
36 hours 4 days 14 days

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