savvy navvy Privacy Policy.

We’ve tried to make this page as easy to get through as possible, using plain language rather than formal legal words. We suspect you are like us and don’t like reading the small print. It is important however for us to tell you clearly what data we record, which is essential for savvy navvy to work properly, and which you can ask us not to use.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and it was designed with your privacy and security in mind. It ensures you can always know what is recorded about you, grants control over what is and isn’t recorded and allows you access to that data or to request it to be deleted, should you choose to do so. You are free to ask us about any data we hold on file for you, as well as to ask us to completely remove the records we hold about you. In short, we are 100% GDPR compliant, so feel free to drop us a line at if you have any questions.

Our website and our app

We operate our service via two internet domains.
The first domain is the website (, and the second is the savvy navvy app, which is available as a web app (app.savvy- running in your browser, and also from the Apple app store and Google Play, for devices running iOS and Android.

For each of these, there are different bits of data we need to store. These are outlined below.

The website

We’ll start with the website because it is the simplest. We allocate an anonymous identifier for analytical purposes, in case something bad happens. We collect anonymous error reports, and we use advertising cookies for marketing purposes.

Anonymous analytical data

Like most websites today, we (anonymously) record some of the actions you take on the website. For example which pages you visit, how long you stay on a certain page, or if you leave quickly (indicating the page might not have the information you were looking for). This allows us to understand how you, and people like you, browse our website. It can tell us if certain pages are not clear to you, so we can improve them.

We want you to know that the data we store for this purpose is completely anonymised. Neither we, nor anybody else, can identify you as a specific user from this analytical data.

Error reports

Although we’ve worked extremely hard to make sure you never have any errors when you use savvy navvy, things don’t always go according to plan. If you encounter a problem, we record what went wrong, and any actions you might have taken leading up to that error. This allows our engineers to follow in your footsteps to attempt to reproduce the error so they can fix it.

We do not record any personally identifiable information for this. It is merely a breadcrumb trail of steps taken; not who you are. If we can reproduce the problem, we stand a better chance of fixing the root cause, and making savvy navvy a better product.

We do this both on the website and in the app, which really does help a lot to make our products better.

If you would rather not share error reports with us, you can turn this off in your Account Settings in the app.

Advertising cookies

It should come as no surprise that we rely heavily on digital marketing to get our story of better navigation out to the world. We suspect you have a lot of sailing or boating friends (who else would listen to us go on about boating or sailing all the time?!) and it is exactly this like-mindedness in people which makes digital marketing effective.

By using advertising cookies, we can advertise to people with similar interests to you; who love sailing and boating and want to enjoy their time on board. This makes the search for new sailors and boaters more efficient, so we can grow our savvy navvy community.

If you prefer us not to use these cookies, you can turn them off in your Account Settings in the app.

The app and related services

Here is the data we record, some essential for savvy navvy to work properly, and the rest optional, which you can ask us not to use.

  1. Your account: To use the app you need to create a savvy navvy account. The account is made up of your email address, a password known only to you (we never store passwords in human readable form), and some profile details you may choose to provide. At present the profile details contain your choice of measurement units, which kind of watercraft you use and details about it. We may extend the profile in future, for example to enable you to record details for more than one boat or boat type.
  2. The geographical location where you view/use the charts: As you browse our charts, we need to keep track of the areas you are working in, so that we can pay our chart suppliers for the chart usage. We never pass on anything about you as an individual, only aggregated user or usage counts.
  3. Route and GPS track recording, saving and sharing: If (and only if) you choose to save a route, savvy navvy will record it and make it available for you to re-use and share with other users of your choice. If you delete a saved route, all personal data from the route will be deleted but savvy navvy may retain the anonymised route for quality control or performance monitoring purposes. Due to local laws, route saving may not be available in specific countries or locations.
  4. Data required for Customer Support: We love getting feedback from our users and have designed savvy navvy with an in-app messenger so that you can reach us any time. Aside from collecting feedback, this is also crucial for us to support you, should you run into any issues. For this system to work, it records relevant information about your device (such as which operating system you use, which browser, and similar details) as well as the actions you’ve taken so that we can understand why you might be having an issue. Be aware that any personal details you share with us on the in-app Chat will be recorded so we can return to the support topic in future. At any point in time you can ask us to remove any historical chat conversations.

Aside from these essential pieces of data, the only other things we record are:

  1. An anonymous marker for analytical purposes,
  2. Error reports, which we send back to our servers, and
  3. Advertising cookies, which we use to grow our community.

The reasons for doing this are the same as for the website: to improve our product for you and our other customers. If you’d rather not have us record this data, you can turn it off under Account Settings in the app.

The GPS marker on the chart…

A quick note about the GPS location point on the chart. If you use the GPS locator button or any savvy navvy location-based service, such as our anchor alarm, then we need to ask the browser or your mobile device for permission to get your current location, by allowing savvy navvy access to location services. Your current location is not stored, unless you choose to save a route or track while you are actually at the location. 

Paying for your subscription

We do not receive or store your credit card details. We operate through three payment processor companies - Stripe for our web app, and Apple and Google for app store sales. These payment processors will receive personal data including, but not limited to, your email, card details and IP address, which they will handle in accordance with the privacy policy which they follow in your country. They inform us of charges and refunds which they process for you relating to savvy navvy. If you request your personal identifiable information to be deleted, we will retain only data related to your transactions, in accordance with financial record-keeping rules.

Where is this data held?

Our system runs on Amazon Web Services, and your account details are securely stored in their data centres. This is also where we store the geographical areas where you browse or use our charts, and any routes you choose to save.

Our customer support system uses Crisp. This is where all our communications with you are securely stored.  

We also partner with other marine data providers, such as marina booking and review sites, from time to time in different locations. If you add social information such as comments, reviews or discussions to savvy navvy or our partner systems, it will be processed in accordance with the privacy terms and may be visible to the public. If you ask us to completely remove your savvy navvy account, we will permanently delete all of these communications, including any in-app chat conversations we may have had with you.

Payment information is held by each payment processor as mentioned in the section above.

If, and only if, you allow us to, we use a combination of Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Facebook,, Trello and RevenueCat to monitor and analyse technical and sales performance. For the error reports, we use 

Our partners maintain servers in various international locations. Your information may therefore be processed outside the country where you live. Although data protection laws vary among countries, your data will be processed by our partners in accordance with their respective Privacy Policies, and we select partners who adhere to the latest US, UK and EU rules. Privacy laws governing data transfer between countries are constantly evolving however, so you may find that we update this section from time to time.

At savvy navvy, we want our customers to be happy that we are looking after their privacy. If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop us a line at

Last updated: 23rd January 2024