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A look at the feature and function development history of savvy navvy.

savvy navvy what's new

Chart Updates

High Contrast Charts

We have listened to our users and implemented high contrast charts, enabling easier to see charts in bright conditions.

More updates to follow!

Our Engineering team are constantly working on app improvements, charts update and new features and functions. Use the side menu to see more historic updates.

Meteomatics Release

Adding ECWMF Weather Model Mix for weather forecasting

Joint partnership with Meteomatics to provide improved weather modelling forecasts for our Elite users. Find out more about our new weather forecasts

Route Share Updates

We have listened to feedback from our users who requested improvements to our route sharing functionality, which now included a route overview.

Improved route editing

Updating functionality to improve route editing including ability to add way points along the route using a drag and drop function.

Heading up GPS

Anchor Alarm

English Users Only at the moment

An addition of an Anchor Alarm functionality to keep you safe when anchored. Allows the user to set a drift/swing area, which you will receive a warning if crossed.

Additional Vessel Types

Support for Paddleboarders, Kayakers and Jetskis

We added new vessel types into our on water family, giving them the same features and functions that are tailored specifically to them.

different vessel types for savvy navvy

Record Track

Added functionality for when out on the water to be able to record your track, so you can view where you have been and the ability to share these tracks.

Chart Improvements for New South Wales

Detailed LIDAR bathymetry

These chart improvements have greatly improved the chart information for New South Wales, giving our users much needed detail across the region.

Chart Improvements New South Wales

Custom Boat Polars

For our Monohull and Catamaran users, you now have customisable boat polars, allowing you to fine tune

Improved Chart Style

Moving to mapbox has allowed us greater flexibility and enhancements in our chart and on-shore mapping styles, giving users small but important changes.

nautical charts from savvy navvy

Departure Scheduler

Simply see when is the best time to cast off.

This industry leading feature allows our users to see when is the best time to leave, making best use of the tides, in a simple visual format.

Distance Measurement Tool

A simple, yet effective tool that allows users to measure, on our charts the distance between two points, we also provide the bearing. This can be used in a multitude of ways, from quickly seeing how far something is away, to checking your bearing to specific marks or landmarks.

Recommended Routes Update

Our charts have, for a long time, had recommended route on them, this update brings these routes into our routing algorithm, keeping you on track and heading in the right direction.

recommended tracks from savvy navvy

Saving & Sharing of Routes

User requested feature

We have now added saving and sharing of routes. Saving routes allows you to plot a route, then save it for future use - this might be for that nice anchorage or fishing spot you found. The sharing function the allows you to share that route with your friends, this might be for a sandbar party or raft up somewhere, probably not for that great fishing spot!

Book a berth directly from savvy navvy

Improved Navily Integration

Adding additional features with our long term partner Navily, now allows users to book a marina berth directly in the savvy navvy app.

recommended tracks from savvy navvy with savvy navvy

Chart Updates

Addition of tidal overflows and rips

This chart update see the addition of tidal overflows and rips to the chart, highlighting areas that have potential for this to occur.

recommended tracks from savvy navvy with savvy navvy

Recommened Tracks

In this release we have added Recommended Tracks to the charts, supplied by the Hydrographic Offices of each country, these give water users clear guidance in certain areas.

recommended tracks

Support for Offline on iOS devices

This release saw offline chart parks coming to iOS devices, allowing users to download chart areas that they set, including weather and tidal information for up to 4 days.

offline charts for iOS

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