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Whether you love kayaking or prefer a canoe, savvy navvy empowers you to make the most of the great outdoors with route tracking, weather data, tide information and much, much more…

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Spend more time paddling and less time planning to with these intelligent planning tools.

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Route Planning

How long would you like to go kayaking and canoeing? With savvy navvy, you can switch your settings to ‘kayak mode’ and then drop a pin at your start and finish locations. The app will then calculate the best route to take and provide an estimated trip time, so you can always ensure you’re making the most of your time on the water!

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kayak gps app
kayak gps

Kayak GPS Tracking

If you’re looking for a kayak or canoe GPS tracker you’ve come to the right place. Using the GPS on your phone savvy navvy will display your live location, position and speed. Easily measure the distance between you and points of interest around you.

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Recorded Routes

In ‘GPS Mode’ you can also choose to record and save your route. This is a great safety feature to ensure you can always find your way home, take the same route again another time or, even better, show your friends where you’ve been whilst off-grid!

kayak tracker - canoe record activity
kayak tide app
canoe tide app

Kayak Tide Data

Because no one ever said they loved to paddle against the tide! View a tidal graph displaying tidal highs and lows throughout the day as well as a tidal stream overlay on the digital chart. Tap anywhere on the chart whilst in ‘Tides’ to view the tide speed and direction for any given location. Savvy navvy sourced tidal data from over 8,000 tidal stations around the world.

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Kayak Weather Forecast

It’s no fun getting stuck out on the water when the weather turns bad but you don’t want to turn back unless it’s necessary. That’s why savvy navvy provides a multi-day canoe weather forecast that shows wind strength and direction, temperature and changeability. Take the app with you to quickly check the weather updates throughout the day.

kayak Weather Forecast
share your route
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Share Routes

If you like to go kayaking with friends then why not share your route with them. When you plot a route with savvy navvy we give you the option to share the route with a link, so everyone can adventure together! If you prefer kayaking alone, this tool can also be a handy safety backup for sharing your plans with someone ashore so they know where you’re going and when to expect you back.

satellite mode

Explore Further with Satellite Mode

Ever ask yourself, “where are good places to kayak near me? And, “what’s an ideal place for a kayak launch?” Why not use satellite mode in the savvy app to take a closer look at lochs, rivers, bays and other secluded locations to find the best places to kayak.

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The savvy navvy kayak and canoe app is available on Android or iOS app stores
it’s just like Google Maps, but for the water.

iOS & iPadOS.

Download savvy navvy on your iPhone or iPad and start planning your next kayaking trip.

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Download savvy navvy on your phone or tablet for your next kayak and canoe trip!

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