Hannah Stodel Announced as savvy navvy Ambassador

A Three time World Champion, four time Paralympian, Hannah Stodel is by all measures an impressive woman, on a mission. This week Hannah signed on to become an ambassador for sailing navigation startup, savvy navvy.

Founded in 2017 by ex-Google software engineer Jelte Liebrand, savvy navvy has been shaking up the sailing navigation market. This unique boating app collates the majority of information sailors need to navigate at sea, all in one place. You tell the app where you want to start and finish and it plots  the safest route to sail based on real time wind, chart and tidal data. Savvy navvy are still the radical new kids on the block, breaking the mould of conventional thinking, something Hannah is no stranger to.

From no lower right arm to World Champion in able-bodied sailing competitions, against some of the best men and women in the industry, Hannah Stodel has sure made a name for herself as a force to be reckoned with.

Hannah is known by many as the global leader for reinstating sailing into the Paralympic games, but what you might not know is that Hannah is also the ambassador for the Ditch the Label (anti-bullying) charity in London.

Hannah Stodel Racing 2.jpeg

As if multiple world championships and Paralympic entries were not enough to keep this ambitious athlete busy, Hannah has now set her sights on her biggest challenge yet, a future Vendee Globe campaign.

Known as the toughest race on earth, the Vendee Globe requires entrants to race alone and unassisted on this 23,000 nm non-stop gruelling race around the globe.

““It’s an honour to welcome Hannah Stodel as an ambassador for savvy navvy. Hannah has proven time and time again that she has what it takes to exceed expectations, go above and beyond and, in the process, prove that anything is possible. Hannah lives by her Uncle Jamie’s motto, “never give up,” and we couldn’t agree more. Hannah, welcome to the team!””

Jelte Liebrand - Founder, savvy navvy

Find out more about Hannah and her sailing campaigns at Hannah Stodel Racing

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