The Best Sailing Videos on YouTube - Our Favourites!

Hi everyone, if like us you're climbing the walls at home thinking about all the beautiful sailing you're missing in this stunning spring weather, you might be in need of a little respite. To help out we came up with a list of our best ever sailing videos on YouTube!

You may not actually be sailing but these videos and clips are sure to entertain your nautical side. As we said, this is our list, but if you think we’ve missed something special let us know and we’ll add it on!

Ready for some entertainment? One, two, three, here we go…

The most incredible drone shots from the Volvo Ocean Race

There is no doubt that the introduction of drones for onboard reporters in the last edition of the Volvo Ocean Race changed the viewing dynamic of the race forever. Suddenly you could follow the crews beyond the marina and spectator boats right out into the middle of the ocean. Drones enabled us to capture never before seen aerial footage that moved audiences from spectators to feeling like members of the crew. To anyone who has ever flown a drone, we think you can appreciate the skill of flying from a boat on a heel like this, going that fast with that much water coming over the deck, onboard reporters we take our hat off to you. Here we watch some of their most epic moments.

Watch Vendee Globe boats round the Kerguelen Islands

With incredible support of the French Navy and French television TF1, a team of two people spent forty days onboard a frigate helicopter carrier in order to shoot Vendee Globe boats rounding the Kerguelen Islands. Here we see this rare and epic footage.

The Mercedes-Benz | Hugo Boss Sky Walk with Alex Thompson

Do you like sailing? How about kite surfing? What if you took kite surfed behind the Hugo Boss Vendee Globe boat, attached yourself to a wire and hoisted yourself up to twice the height of your mast before ripping the cord and floating back down on your kite?

We think even the most adrenaline fuelled individuals would take their hats off to this particular stunt...

Living on a self-sufficient sailboat for 10 years

Follow this extraordinary couple who have been living aboard their boat for ten years, sailing 83,000 nautical miles. Using wind and solar panel this couple, and their baby, can beb off-grid for months at a time.  Some people may also know them as SV Delos. The couple knew nothing about sailing before going on to live on their boat full time. Take the full tour of the boat that lets them live a sustainable life on the sea here!

Pulling a drunk sailor off a reef!

After a night sail back to Grenada Sailing SV Delos find a drunk sailor who’s run his sailboat up on a reef with all his sails our and engine on motoring even further onto the reef! Sounds to crazy to be true? Take a look at this…

5 Outboard Maintenance Jobs Most People Forget | BoatUS

Yamaha technician Sean Stahl of Annapolis Boat Sales explains to BoatUS Magazine's Lenny Rudow five outboard maintenance jobs that people forget about. These include replacing the fuel-water separator filter, checking the timing belt for wear, checking engine and bracket zincs, checking trim tab zincs, and removing the prop to look for fishing line behind the thrust washer.

Sailing a Superboat Across the Atlantic in Record Time

To quote “A Great Big Story,” - “Even the most daunting world records are meant to be broken. And it was no easy feat. On July 22, 2016, Comanche—a custom-built, 100-foot racing yacht—set sail from New York to the southern tip of England. Precisely five days, 14 hours, 21 minutes and 25 seconds later, the Comanche’s crew shattered the world record, by more than a day. Brave the high seas as we set sail on one of the most amazing and inspiring journeys ever to take place on film.”

Watch Sailing Nandji prepare their yacht for it’s first ocean crossing!

Bonita goes up the mast for the first time to take measurements for a new headsail, Yosh gets handy with sime fibreglass work and the crew get creative in the sail loft.

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