import markers to savvy navvy for improved time on the water

Boat Enthusiast James Anderson Imports Navigation Markers Into Savvy Navvy to Enhance Navigation at Sea

34-year-old James Anderson has been a passionate boater for years. Ever since he was a child and first dipped his toe in the sea, you could say he was hooked. Now a seasoned boater, James owns his own boat, Topaz, where he spends many weekends exploring new bays and anchorages to escape the increasingly crowded shores. 

One evening whilst watching the sunset James sat in the cockpit browsing through the many (in fact hundreds) of markers he’d saved over the years. These markers represented many memories, favourite fishing spots, secret secluded anchorages seemingly no one else knew about, navigational hazards he wanted to highlight and even marinas that had the best shoreside facilities. These markers were not just dots on a digital chart in an app, they were years of dedication and memories from places he had visited. 

James had recently heard of the savvy navvy boating app through some of his friends. It had been praised as a cutting-edge navigation app, hailed as the Google Maps for boats. The app promised to revolutionise boating experiences to be safe and fun for everyone. Hype is all well and good but as a boater, you know you’ve got to try it to believe it. 

Ever the curious human James decided to give savvy navvy a try. He uploaded his saved navigation markers into the app using a GPX file, watching as the familiar coordinates started to appear on the detailed electronic savvy charts™. The interface was sleek and user-friendly, a far cry from the clunky alternatives he was used to.

The following morning, James set off to experiment with his newfound tech. As he navigated out of the marina, he tapped into savvy navvy, which seamlessly integrated his old markers and enabled him to plan a route that took into account real-time weather, tidal data, charts and even his boat settings. 

As James motored along the coast, he marvelled at how much easier it was to plan his day. In particular, he loved the ability to gain insights into nearby ports, fuel stations, and even marine conservation information so he could make more informed decisions about where to drop his anchor. He suddenly realised why the app put savvy in the name. 

Midway through his journey, James approached a secluded cove that looked like the perfect pit stop. He quickly hopped into the app and checked the wind direction along with the advised wind direction for shelter in the bay, it all looked favourable so James made the decision to carry on. Savvy navvy guided him through the narrow passage. Upon arrival, the app showed him where key seagrass areas were so James made sure to drop anchor outside of these protected zones. Moments later he was enjoying the serenity of having crystal blue water all to himself. Thanks to savvy navvy, he had not only found a new hidden gem (and yes saved another point to remember his find) but also made an environmentally conscious choice about where to spend the day.

It was this initial test that made James realise smart tech really could enhance a boating experience, even for a seasoned professional who thought he’d found all the hidden gems there were to find.

The next question was, would he share his markers with friends to let them enjoy the fun, or keep them all to himself? We’re yet to find out!

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Savvy navvy is available in the Apple app and Google Play stores and can be used on any personal device. Any membership has unlimited access to charts wherever savvy navvy has coverage. To try savvy boat planning please download today from your app store. 

savvy navvy, the boating app that brings all essential marine information together in one place. Featuring global charts, wind and weather forecasts, tidal graphs, GPS Tracking, automatic weather routing, and marina and anchorage information. It’s like Google Maps for boats.

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