St. Petersburg to Palm Harbour

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St. Petersburg to Palm Harbour by boat

To travel from St. Petersburg to Palm Harbor by boat, you'll navigate through the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and cross the waters of Old Tampa Bay.

Depart from St. Petersburg: Begin your journey from a suitable boat ramp, marina, or waterfront location in St. Petersburg. Ensure that your boat is properly fueled, equipped, and in good working condition.

Enter the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW): Leave St. Petersburg and enter the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), also known as the ICW. The ICW is a well-marked inland waterway that provides a safe route for boaters along the coast.

Head north on the ICW: Once in the ICW, head north, following the marked channel and navigational aids. The ICW is typically wide and well-maintained, offering a smooth journey through various sections of the waterway.

Cross Old Tampa Bay: As you continue north on the ICW, you'll eventually reach the northern end of St. Petersburg and enter Old Tampa Bay. Cross Old Tampa Bay, being mindful of any boat traffic and following the navigational aids as necessary.

Approach Palm Harbor: After crossing Old Tampa Bay, continue north on the ICW until you approach Palm Harbor. Palm Harbor is located along the eastern shores of the ICW and offers several marinas, waterfront areas, and boating facilities.

Arrive in Palm Harbor: Navigate through the designated channels and reach your desired destination in Palm Harbor. Palm Harbor is known for its serene atmosphere, scenic beauty, and access to nearby attractions such as the Innisbrook Resort and Tarpon Springs.

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St. Petersburg to Palm Harbour route information

St. Pete Pier: Begin your journey at the St. Pete Pier, a popular waterfront destination in downtown St. Petersburg. Enjoy the scenic views, visit the shops and restaurants, and take in the lively atmosphere before setting off towards Palm Harbor.

Weedon Island Preserve: As you sail north from St. Petersburg, you'll pass by Weedon Island Preserve, a pristine natural area known for its mangrove forests, kayak trails, and hiking paths. Consider making a stop to explore the preserve's serene beauty and observe the abundant wildlife.

Dunedin Causeway: Continuing north, you'll come across the Dunedin Causeway, a scenic stretch of road that connects the mainland to Honeymoon Island State Park. The causeway offers beautiful views of the water and is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and enjoying the beach.

Caladesi Island State Park: Just north of Dunedin, you'll find Caladesi Island State Park, a stunning barrier island with pristine beaches and clear turquoise waters. Consider anchoring your boat and exploring the island's nature trails or relaxing on the secluded shoreline.

Wall Springs Park: As you approach Palm Harbor, you'll pass by Wall Springs Park, a historic site that was once a popular mineral springs resort. Today, the park features walking trails, picnic areas, and a boardwalk that offers panoramic views of the surrounding wetlands.

Innisbrook Resort: Located in Palm Harbor, Innisbrook Resort is a renowned golf and spa destination. While you may not be able to access the resort directly by boat, you can admire its beautiful grounds and lush landscapes from the water.

Pop Stansell Park: Pop Stansell Park is a waterfront park located on the shores of Lake Tarpon in Palm Harbor. It offers boat ramps, fishing areas, picnic spots, and a playground. Consider making a stop to enjoy the park's amenities and take in the tranquil lake views.

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