Pensacola to Perdido Key

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Pensacola to Perdido Key by boat

Depart from Pensacola: Begin your journey from a suitable boat ramp or marina in Pensacola, such as the Pensacola Shipyard or the Bayou Texar Boat Ramp. Ensure that your boat is properly fueled, equipped, and in good working condition.

Head west along the coast: Leave Pensacola and head west along the coast, following the Intracoastal Waterway or the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico, depending on your preference and the conditions. You'll be traveling parallel to the coast as you make your way towards Perdido Key.

Pass through the Pensacola Pass: As you continue westward, you'll approach the Pensacola Pass, which is the inlet connecting Pensacola Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Exercise caution as you navigate through the pass, as it can experience strong currents and boating traffic.

Continue along the coast to Perdido Key: Once you pass through the Pensacola Pass, continue westward along the coast until you reach Perdido Key. Perdido Key is a beautiful barrier island known for its pristine white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters. Look for landmarks such as the Perdido Key State Park and the Perdido Key Beach Access points as you approach.

Anchor or dock at Perdido Key: Find a suitable spot to anchor or dock your boat at Perdido Key. There are several marinas and public boat ramps available for boaters. Be mindful of any regulations or guidelines in place and respect any restricted areas along the coast.

Perdido Key offers opportunities for beach activities, swimming, fishing, and exploring the natural beauty of the area.

Perdido Key Weather Information

Pensacola to Perdido Key route information

Pensacola Bay: Departing from Pensacola, you'll navigate through Pensacola Bay, which offers scenic views of the city's waterfront and the historic Pensacola Naval Air Station. Take in the sights of boats, marinas, and the natural beauty of the bay as you begin your sail.

Pensacola Pass: As you head west, you'll pass through Pensacola Pass, the inlet that connects Pensacola Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Keep an eye out for the sandbars and the active boating and fishing community in this area.

Gulf Islands National Seashore: Along the coast, you'll sail near the Gulf Islands National Seashore, a protected area that includes barrier islands, beaches, and natural habitats. Enjoy the pristine beaches, wildlife, and potential for birdwatching as you cruise by.

Fort McRee: Located on Perdido Key, Fort McRee is a historic fortification that was built to protect Pensacola Bay. While the fort is no longer in use, you can still see remnants of the structure from the water.

Perdido Key: Perdido Key is a scenic barrier island with beautiful beaches and natural preserves. Admire the coastal dunes, salt marshes, and the tranquil atmosphere as you sail past.

Fort Pickens: Your destination, Fort Pickens, is a historic military fort located on the western tip of Santa Rosa Island. As you approach, you'll see the impressive brick fortification that played a significant role in U.S. history. Enjoy the panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico and Pensacola Bay from this vantage point.

Santa Rosa Island: Santa Rosa Island stretches along the Gulf Coast and offers pristine beaches, sand dunes, and natural habitats. Take the opportunity to anchor and explore the island, go for a swim, or simply relax on the sandy shores.

Marine Life: Keep an eye out for marine life during your sail, as the waters in this area are teeming with various species. Look for dolphins, sea turtles, and a variety of fish as they swim and play in their natural habitat.

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