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Jacksonville to St Augustine by boat

Depart from Jacksonville: Start your journey from Jacksonville, located on the northeastern coast of Florida. Jacksonville offers several marinas and boat ramps where you can launch your boat.

Navigate the St. Johns River: From Jacksonville, head southward along the St. Johns River. The St. Johns River is a major waterway in Florida, and it will serve as your primary route towards St. Augustine. The river is navigable and well-marked with aids to navigation.

Pass through Mayport Inlet: As you continue south on the St. Johns River, you'll approach Mayport Inlet. This inlet connects the river to the Atlantic Ocean. Exercise caution when entering or leaving the inlet, as it can be subject to currents and boat traffic.

Enter the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW): After passing through Mayport Inlet, you'll enter the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). The ICW is a well-marked inland waterway that runs parallel to the Atlantic coast. Follow the ICW markers as you continue southward towards St. Augustine.

Navigate the ICW to St. Augustine: Stay on the ICW and follow the marked channels as you make your way south to St. Augustine. The ICW will take you through scenic marshlands, estuaries, and small coastal communities along the way. Pay attention to any speed zones or navigational restrictions in the area.

Arrive in St. Augustine: As you approach St. Augustine, you'll notice the St. Augustine Inlet, which connects the ICW to the Atlantic Ocean. If you wish to enter the inlet and visit the city by boat, exercise caution and be mindful of the inlet's conditions, as it can be subject to shifting sands and currents.

Once inside the inlet, navigate the marked channel and follow any signage or navigational aids that guide you to the marinas and docking facilities in St. Augustine.

Please note that this is a general route description, and it's important to consult nautical charts, follow any navigational aids or markers, and adhere to local boating regulations while making the journey from Jacksonville to St. Augustine. Enjoy your boating adventure and the historical charm of St. Augustine!

St Augustine Weather Information

Jacksonville to St Augustine route information

Jacksonville Landing: Located along the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Landing is a popular waterfront entertainment complex with restaurants, shops, and event spaces. Take a stroll along the riverfront promenade and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Riverside and Avondale: As you travel south from downtown Jacksonville, you'll pass through the Riverside and Avondale neighborhoods. These historic districts are known for their charming architecture, tree-lined streets, and a vibrant dining and shopping scene.

Timucuan Preserve: Just north of St. Augustine lies the Timucuan Preserve, a protected natural area comprising wetlands, forests, and historical sites. If you have time, consider exploring the preserve's hiking trails, visiting the historic Fort Caroline, or taking a boat tour of the area.

Castillo de San Marcos: As you arrive in St. Augustine, one of the must-see attractions is the Castillo de San Marcos. This impressive fort, constructed in the late 17th century, is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States. Take a guided tour and learn about its rich history and strategic importance.

St. George Street: St. George Street is the main pedestrian thoroughfare in the heart of St. Augustine's historic district. This cobblestone street is lined with quaint shops, art galleries, restaurants, and historic landmarks. Take your time to explore the shops, indulge in local cuisine, and soak up the city's unique ambiance.

Flagler College: Located in the heart of St. Augustine, Flagler College is a stunning architectural gem. Housed in the former Ponce de Leon Hotel, the college features beautiful Spanish Renaissance-style buildings and a picturesque campus. Take a walk around the campus and admire the intricate details of the historic structures.

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum: A short distance from downtown St. Augustine, you'll find the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum. Climb the 219 steps to the top of the lighthouse for panoramic views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean. Explore the museum to learn about the area's maritime history and enjoy interactive exhibits.

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