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Fort Lauderdale to Miami by boat

Departure from Fort Lauderdale: Begin your journey from one of the marinas or boat ramps in Fort Lauderdale. Popular options include Bahia Mar Yachting Center, Las Olas Marina, or Lauderdale Marina. Ensure your boat is fueled up and ready for the trip.

Intracoastal Waterway (ICW): From Fort Lauderdale, you'll follow the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) southward. The ICW is a well-marked channel that runs parallel to the coast and offers a protected route with calm waters. Pay attention to the navigational aids, such as channel markers and buoys, to stay on course.

Passing through Port Everglades: As you continue south along the ICW, you'll pass through Port Everglades, a major seaport and cruise terminal. Be mindful of any large vessels, cargo ships, or cruise ships entering or leaving the port. Give them the right of way and maintain a safe distance.

New River and Downtown Fort Lauderdale: As you approach downtown Fort Lauderdale, you'll navigate through the New River. Enjoy the views of the city skyline and waterfront mansions along this scenic stretch. Observe any speed limits and boating regulations in the area, especially near popular destinations like Las Olas Boulevard.

Entering Biscayne Bay: After passing through the Port Everglades Inlet, you'll enter Biscayne Bay. This expansive bay is known for its beautiful turquoise waters and stunning scenery. Keep an eye out for navigational aids and watch for any shallow areas or sandbars.

Miami Beach and Downtown Miami: As you approach Miami, you'll have a view of the iconic Miami Beach skyline and its famous beaches. Navigate around Government Cut, the main entrance to the Port of Miami, and be mindful of any vessel traffic in the area. Proceed toward the downtown Miami area, where you'll find various marinas and docking facilities to choose from.

Arriving in Miami: There are several marinas in Miami where you can conclude your boat trip. Popular options include Miami Beach Marina, Dinner Key Marina, or Sea Isle Marina. Each marina offers different amenities and services, so choose the one that suits your needs.

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Fort Lauderdale to Miami route information

Hollywood Beach: Located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Hollywood Beach offers a vibrant seaside atmosphere with its broad sandy beach, boardwalk, and a variety of restaurants and shops.

Haulover Sandbar: Situated in Biscayne Bay, the Haulover Sandbar is a popular gathering spot for boaters. It's an ideal place to anchor, relax, and enjoy the shallow, crystal-clear waters. Many boaters gather here to socialize, swim, and have a good time.

Miami Beach: As you approach Miami, you'll have a stunning view of Miami Beach, renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and Art Deco architecture. Take a cruise along the coastline to admire the skyline and the famous Ocean Drive.

Downtown Miami: Explore the bustling downtown area of Miami, which offers an array of attractions, including the vibrant Bayside Marketplace, the historic Freedom Tower, and the picturesque Bayfront Park. You can dock your boat at various marinas and enjoy the dining, shopping, and entertainment options available.

Miami River: Consider taking a detour up the Miami River, a historic waterway that winds through the heart of the city. Discover the river's diverse mix of restaurants, bars, and art galleries, and immerse yourself in Miami's cultural and culinary scene.Commercial Vessel Traffic: Be aware of large commercial vessels, cargo ships, and cruise ships, especially near Port Everglades. Give them the right of way and maintain a safe distance.

Navigational Aids: Pay attention to channel markers, buoys, and navigational aids along the Intracoastal Waterway and Biscayne Bay. These markers guide you through the designated channels and help you avoid shallow areas or submerged obstacles.

Bridge Clearance: Check the bridge clearances along the Intracoastal Waterway, especially if your boat has height restrictions. Ensure your vessel can safely pass underneath the bridges along the route.

Sandbars and Shallow Areas: Watch out for sandbars and shallow areas, particularly in Biscayne Bay. Stay within the marked channels and avoid running aground.

Boat Wake: Be mindful of the boat wake created by other vessels, particularly in high-traffic areas. Adjust your speed and course to minimize the impact of the wake on your boat and surrounding boats.

Weather Conditions: Keep an eye on weather forecasts and conditions. Sudden changes in weather, including wind, waves, or storms, can affect your boating experience. Seek shelter if necessary or adjust your plans accordingly.

Wildlife and Manatees: Stay alert for wildlife, including manatees, dolphins, and seabirds. Follow guidelines for observing wildlife from a safe distance and be aware of any designated manatee protection zones.

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