CEO and Founder of Sensar Marine, Paal Kaperdal, talks about smart technology revolutionising the way we go boating.

The Boating Life Podcast episode 6

“Twice already, SmartBoat One has saved me from arriving at my boat and seeing that I have a dead battery. I have recommended it to several friends and they are also very happy.” Asmund Aasheim, Stord, Norway

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It’s a podcast, the first one we here at savvy navvy have ever done and yes it forms part of our mission to encourage people to get into boating. In “The Boating Life” we follow the journey of Adam and Lauren and their boat dog, Freddy, as they go from sailing novices to full time, live aboard cruisers. Aside from this story we also have an incredible lineup of guest appearances from the RNLI to Seastart, Pro Marine Store, TeamO and many, many more industry innovations and outside of the box thinkers.

Here we show you a snippet from Episode 6 where our podcast host Ceri, caught up with the CEO and Founder of Sensar Marine, Paal Kaperdal, about boat technology, the much-needed innovation boost that’s needed within the marine industry and how their partnership with savvy navvy is helping bring the industry out of the dark ages to get more people out enjoying time on the water.

In the podcast, Paal comments, “We are very happy with the partnership. It goes back to my other comment earlier, there's got to be a better way to do boating. So when we saw savvy navvy and what they were doing with navigation we said, yeah, this is a better way forward.

These are the type of people, and this is the type of company, we want to partner with because together we can change boating and we can make boating life easier by lowering the risk and increase enjoyment. In that way, we have a very similar mission.

But then, on the other hand, savvy navvy focuses on navigation. That's not our focus. We want to protect the boat. We want to go deep into the boat and really give customers a new appreciation for how their boat behaves, as you see very many parallels here in terms of what we're doing, we're just doing different things in terms of the boat.

One is to optimise the journey. For example, how do your electrical systems work? It is critical for your boat, but can we help you learn more about your electrical system? I know from feedback that we are teaching people a lot about their boat and how it behaves and what ultimately is normal behaviour and what's abnormal behaviour so that you can prevent bad things from happening before they occur. So, we are on a similar journey and therefore our partnership makes perfect sense.

When I talk to people about savvy navvy and we actually show them how it works they say, okay, I need this, I want this.

I think both of our companies face the same challenge in that we just need to get the word out there that these great technical solutions exist. We need to teach people that this is actually possible, that there is indeed a better way that can improve everyone’s boating life and ultimately enjoyment.”

Sensar Marine and SmartBoat One

Sensar Marine are the creators of SmarBoat One, an advanced system that connects your boat to your smartphone. The innovative sensors monitor the boat and notify you if something is wrong. So you no longer need to worry about your boat when you’re not onboard or rush down to the marina because the weather is looking ominous. All the information you need to know is easily displayed in the SmartBoat app for greater peace of mind.

“Twice already, SmartBoat One has saved me from arriving at my boat and seeing that I have a dead battery. I have recommended it to several friends and they are also very happy.” Asmund Aasheim, Stord, Norway

What does SmarBoat One monitor?

  • Battery - get notified when the starter battery reaches a certain level
  • Water level - they will alert you if the water level is too high
  • Movement - an integrated accelerometer displays the G-force and will warn of unnatural activity
  • Temperature - measure the water temperature in the keel and the engine room air
  • Bilge pump - view a clear graph with an overview of when the pump is on and off
  • GPS - real-time location information

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