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savvy navvy launch industry-leading departure schedule feature for boaters

Marine technology company savvy navvy has released a new innovative departure scheduling feature as one of the first on the market, enabling boaters to see at a glance the best time to depart based on your route, wind and tidal conditions. 

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The latest feature from UK-based savvy navvy, means its 190,000 global users of their app are now able compare passage times, as well as weather and tide information and immediately make crucial decisions based on safety, comfort, time and cost. 

“savvy navvy really is as simple as Google Maps for boats. Over the past five years we have worked hard to constantly develop our app to simplify boating technology. Our scheduling feature does exactly that. It allows boaters to plan better and make more informed decisions. The app lets our users visually see the best time to depart given wind and tidal implications, ultimately leading to more informed and cost-saving decisions for their journeys,” says Jelte Liebrand, CEO & Founder of savvy navvy.

Jelte Liebrand set up savvy navvy almost five years ago with Kevin O’Neill wanting to bring marine technology in line with the technical advances in other industries, such as the automotive industry. While features like this have been the norm in car sat navs for many years, savvy navvy is the first to bring a marine based departure comparison feature to the market. 

The new departure scheduler feature was showcased at last week’s Southampton International Boat Show in the UK, and received with much enthusiasm from boaters, who quickly saw how it can help them plan routes much easier.

“The departure schedule feature has been a godsend when planning our sailing routes both for myself and our charter guests. No more multiple paper maps and charts. Instead, just the savvy navvy departure scheduler app, which is so easy to use and lets you compare tides with a touch of a button. Since it launched many of our customers have told us how their initial sailing plans changed, when the scheduler showed more comfortable sailing conditions later in the day. We can’t believe how such a simple function has had such high impact on our boating life already,” says Mike Pickering, Co-founder of Kraken Travel, who arrange adventure and expedition sailing worldwide.

Since savvy navvy launched they have plotted over 15 million miles of routes and have over 190,000 global users. User feedback is constantly being used to develop the app’s innovative and ground breaking features for boaters across the world.

The new scheduling feature is live now for all savvy navvy’s explore and elite subscribers. To find out more visit 

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