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One of Freedom Boat Club’s largest franchise groups in the US teams up with savvy navvy

Bringing easier and safer navigation to boaters worldwide, savvy navvy has teamed up with Freedom Boat Club’s independently owned and operated Franchise locations in Delaware, South Jersey, Lower Hudson Valley NY, Maryland and Washington DC. 

This collection of Freedom Boat Club territories comprises one of the largest boat club communities in the US, with more than 2000 memberships and over 250 boats in over 27 locations. 

Partnering with savvy navvy, their members can now access exclusive features and discounts, so they can safely plan, enjoy and record their time on the water.

“Navigational skills are a crucial part of boater knowledge and confidence and we encourage our members to leverage one or more navigation aids every time they venture out onto the water. What is great about savvy navvy is our members can use it on their phones and save the information that’s important to them. It also provides the opportunity to plan and access routes and destinations in advance,” says Bev Rosella, Freedom Boat Club’s Franchise Owner, Sales & Marketing Lead.

Often referred to as ‘Google Maps for boats’, savvy navvy offers a revolutionary, easy-to-use app supporting users on smart route planning, weather and tides when going on the water.

“Savvy navvy shares many values with the Freedom Boat Club. Both organisations give you the freedom to explore, freedom to spend more time doing and less time planning, and freedom from the stresses of boating and boat ownership. We both reduce the barriers to boating to get more people safely out on the water. Our partnership maximises boating time, enhancing safety and bringing confidence and peace of mind,” says David Cusworth, Head of Partnership and Innovation at savvy navvy.

Continuing to expand in the United States, savvy navvy has over 1.8 million downloads from users in more than 100 countries. It gives users the safest and best route based on the departure time, chart data, weather, tide, boat data and local regulations.

Available on Android, IOS, PC and Mac, savvy navvy can be used on multiple devices and is available in both free and “premium” options with enhanced access and functionalities. 

Freedom Boat Club members can claim their ‘premium plan’ discounts here.

Inspired to get out on the water? Try savvy navvy free today.

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