Supporting Ocean Conservation.

ProtectedSeas collaborate with savvy navvy to help boaters make more sustainable boating decisions.

View marine conservation areas in the savvy navvy app.

Boaters worldwide can now access some of the most comprehensive resources of ocean regulatory information, including marine protection areas, through the savvy navvy app thanks to a unique collaboration between ProtectedSeas and savvy navvy. 

Protected Seas Boating safety Zones

What is ProtectedSeas Navigator?

ProtectedSeas Navigator is a comprehensive resource of ocean regulatory information, including marine protection areas. It provides information on 22,000 marine protected and managed areas in more than 220 countries worldwide. This includes speed-limit zones to protect marine mammals, fisheries management areas, and other effective areas-based conservation measures – is just some of the data available.
The Navigator database is a result of the relentless efforts of the ProtectedSeas team to compile marine protection information on marine protected areas (MPAs), including creating the first public digital maps for over 2,400 areas.

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How is savvy navvy Helping Marine Conservation?

savvy navvy is one of the first navigation apps on the market helping to build environmental awareness by bringing ProtectedSeas Navigator data to life helping boaters make more informed decisions to protect the environment whilst boating.

savvy navvy is on a mission to empower boaters and watersports users with information to help them make more environmentally conscious decisions while out on the water, ultimately supporting longer-term marine conservation initiatives.

“Through our partnership with savvy navvy, boaters are more empowered to know and comply with conservation rules on the water which help protect the ecosystems they know and enjoy.”
Virgil Zetterlind, Director of ProtectedSeas.

This partnership is the latest progression in savvy navvy’s ambition to empower boaters to take a more sustainable approach to boating across the globe.

About the savvy navvy Boating App

savvy navvy is a boating app that makes boating safer and more enjoyable for everyone. The app, which has free and paid subscription options, surfaces essential data such as marine conservation information, marine weather, tidal data as well as anchorage and marine information.

This data is then used in conjunction with the stunning interface of digital savvy charts™ (designed from the ground up by former Google software engineers) and a unique routing algorithm that helps boaters plan a successful and stress-free day on the water.

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