swimming with a humpback whale

Humpback whales, giant ducks, electric motors and epic challenges in the savvy news

Hey savvy friends,

It’s been a week, I mean a BIG week, from big whales to big rubber ducks to big challenges and super big trophies!

Let’s start with that…

savvy navvy Wins Marine Business of the Year 🚀

On Monday evening we were awarded the British Marine - Marine Business of the Year award. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us and kudos to our team for working so hard to shape the future of marine navigation.

Would you Swim with a Humpback Whale? 🐳

That’s exactly what Josh Shankle and Rachel Moore did off the South Pacific island of Mo’orea. French Polynesia waters are known for their rich and diverse marine life and Mo’orea is considered to be one of the prime whale-watching locations in the world (which is also governed by very strict rules).

What’s it like to swim alongside the ocean's giants?

👉 “Slip into the water, don’t jump. Try not to splash, and follow me” 

Giant Duck Rescues - Please Don’t Let this be You 🦆

A paddleboarder has been praised as a ‘lifesaver’ after assisting three men on a giant inflatable duck who drifted out to sea. When the duck was 200 metres offshore a paddleboarder went out and to help. They paddled against the current to tow the men close enough to jump off the duck and swim ashore. The duck was then swiftly blown back out to sea where it was later recovered by the RNLI.

It’s incidents like this that have led to coastguard officials asking people to please leave their inflatables in the pool.

Read the full story here.

Sailor Finishes Epic Voyage Around 262 Islands

Ken Fowlers just completed a four-year challenge to circumnavigate 262 islands around England and Wales. Ken’s final journey saw him sail around the Isle of Wight which took more than 12 hours, the longest the 57-year-old man has made in his 4 m dinghy Yoda since the challenge began in 2019.

Perhaps most incredible of all - Mr Fowler raised more than £66K for Cancer Research UK and Oakhaven Hospice.

Read the full story here.

How to Choose the Right Electric Outboard Engine

Are you a little daunted at the prospect of diving into the world of electric outboards? The options are vast and varied and you would be forgiven for getting baffled by battery capacity, voltage, shaft lengths and power options. So let’s catch up with marine electrician Jamie Marley to shed some light on this increasingly popular topic.

Electric outboards made easy - read here.

25 of the Best Boat Holidays in Europe

I couldn’t help but finish with a little wanderlust inspiration to round off our day! Whether you’re from Europe or not this list from The Times is set to have you reaching for your deck shoes in an instant. 

Say hello to:

  • Cornish romance
  • Alsation tranquillity 
  • Dalmatian dining…

…and a whole lot more.

View the list here.

Bon voyage...

Thank you for joining me for this week's edition of the savvy news. May your week be watery 💦 and your wanderlust great! If you find yourself on the water I hope you'll take savvy navvy with you!

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