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Coast Guard swimmer kudos, electric SeaDogs and seagrass tech in the savvy news

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Hello SeaDog. Vita Power Delivers its 1st 100% Electric RIB to the Bay Area

Image credit: Vita Power.

Vita Power, an electric marine tech company has announced the first San Francisco Bay Area delivery of its 100% electric RIBs. The 5.5m electric RIB (SeaDog) will support the daily operations of the marina located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The SeaDog comes with speedy charging (less than an hour), making it ideal for port and marina use, at lower speeds the SeaDog also claims to offer up to 10 hours of continuous use. With bucket loads of torque for complex manoeuvring and responsive controls, the RIB is primed to assist with towing and pushing activities around the marina.

How do you feel about eclectic RIBs?

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Podcast. The Power of Tech to Protect Seabeds, with Clean Sailors

Our Partnerships Manager, David, recently joined the conversation on the Clean Sailors podcast alongside the Ocean Conservation Trust and Falmouth Harbour to discuss why seagrass is so important for carbon capture and how we as boaters can help seabeds flourish. 

Grab a coffee and tune in to episode 14! >

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Devon Yacht Club Launches New Round-the-World Race

Image credit BBC.

The Royal Western Yacht Club has launched a new round-the-world race (called WorldStar) that will start and finish in Plymouth, UK. The plan is for the first race to set sail in 2026 as a non-stop race for single or double-handed boaters. 

RWYC Commodore and Race Director, Chris Arscott, described the new event as the "Everest of the sailing world".

Could this be your Everest? Take a look here >

Celebrating 40 Years of US Coast Guard Swimmers

Image credit: US Coast Guard

Semper Paratus - the motto of the US Coast Guard stands for ‘Always Ready”. Whether it’s flying into hurricane-force winds, merciless snow, blinding fog or driving rain we all know the comfort the Coast Guard provide by knowing they are there to help. And at the end of the line hanging out of the helicopter are the rescue swimmers who dive into the heart of what is almost always someone's worst day on the water. 

“There is a moment right before my feet hit the deck where I have no control but I’m most vulnerable. It’s like jumping off a building without knowing where the ground is”.

This October marks 40 years since the Coast Guard Authorisation Act of 1984 established the rescue swimmer program. To celebrate these brave men and women who help keep us safe I thought it would be nice to share editor Vincent Daniello’s interview with three rescue swimmers, whose collective Coast Guard careers span the program’s full 40 years.

Read the interview here >

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Sailing to the Northernmost Tip of Mainland Europe

Image credit: Yachting World

Looking for some wanderlust boat-inspired adventure that goes beyond Caribbean sandy beaches and hot sunny weather?

What about cruising beyond the Arctic Circle to enjoy a summer cruising the North Cape?

The place where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Arctic Ocean lies the North Cape, which is so far north that only the Svalbard archipelago sits between you and the North Pole. The North Cape also happens to be the perfect place to witness the incredible midnight sun in the summer and the vibrant northern lights dancing across the sky in the winter.

Scratch that adventure itch here >

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Bid for Scotland’s Adventure Coast to be Named Scotlands Sustainable Sailing Captial

Image credit: Phil Wilkinson and Sail World Cruising

A leading destination management organisation has launched a new bid for Argyll and the Isles on the west coast of Scotland to be named Scotland's Sustainable Sailing Capital.

This initiative aims to celebrate the sustainable nature of sailing and the large volume of innovative sailing businesses and events in the area that go the extra mile to ensure their breath-taking experiences help to protect, restore and enhance their outstanding natural environment.

Could this boating gem of a location become a face for sustainable boating of the future?

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