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To those savvy users out there who are in warmer climates, I'm jealous! Currently looking out of my window I can see boats with snow on their decks and icicles hanging off their rigging, brrrrrrr!

On the topic of frosty weather and boats...

Say hello to ice boating

Photo credit: David Cudd

“It’s just crazy. I mean, your butt is only 6 inches off the ice, your head is maybe a foot off the ice, and maybe you’re going 80 mph. It’s amazing.” For those that like to make the most of the frosty weather and top up their adrenaline at the same time take a look at this!

Brexit Changes for UK Citizens Sailing to Europe

For all our British sailors out there, it's a good idea to make sure you're up to date with the latest rules for sailors when heading over to EU countries. Brush up on the latest regulations here.

Three castaways rescued in Bahamas

Three people were rescued from by the US Coastguard earlier this week from a deserted island in the Bahamas. The people rescued were stranded for 33 days, surviving only on coconuts! Read the full story here.

Are you a Royal Lymington Yacht Club member?

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How's your body battery?

Photo credit: Harry KH / INEOS TEAM UK

Find out why fitness tracking is taken incredibly seriously for professional sailors and how new tech is helping them perform at 100% when called upon. Read more here.

18 Reasons for repowering an outboard boat

Have you ever considered repowering your boat? What do you get when you repower? Sure, increased reliability but what else? Whilst we're on the topic would you be better changing you boat altogether? This article discusses all and provides some great tips on things to consider when the time comes.

Read more here.

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Whether you're sitting on a sunny beach, chasing ice yachts on frozen lakes or huddled up on your sofa reading your favourite sailing stories, I hope you're all managing to scratch that sailing itch. When you make it out on the water, we hope you'll take us with you!

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