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Nautical Charts that you love looking at...

Look at those contour lines 🤩

Detailed contour lines that are easy to see

Some other providers out there might show you more contour lines than we do, but you see we do that on purpose. We show you the contours you need to see, that are useful to you, and we leave the rest out to make sure your nautical map is clear and concise.

Premium nautical charts
marine chart and nautical maps

Epic bathymetry data for jaw-dropping detail

Say hello to Geospatial chart data

We work with Geospatial Scientists to add bathymetry data to our marine charts. This gives you incredibly detailed depth gradients, shown through stunning colour overlays, like no other nautical charts. This is currently integrated into a few places around the world and we’re working on the rest of the globe day by day.

Instant Coordinates and Depth

Check the depth anywhere on your maritime maps

You might be used to working with a dedicated ocean depth map (otherwise known as a water depth map) to check the depth in a given area, but we thought it would be easier to build depth, wind and routing all into one easy-to-use boating app that also gives you routing. 

marine maps and NOAA Charts
easy buoy identification on nautical charts

Marine buoy identification made easy 

Oh, buoy oh buoy what’s that?

Ever looked at a maritime buoy and struggled to make out the colours? Or if you could make out the colours did you struggle to remember what it means or what its light sequences are? In the savvy navvy boating map, you can tap on any marine buoy to reveal the image of the buoy, its name, and its flashing sequence.

Recommended tracks 

Easy to see, easy to use, easy to follow, recommended tracks - Ever looked on your maritime maps and got lost in the myriad of lines, marks and overlays to try and find a recommended track that you’re sure is there but you just can’t find? Due to the uncluttered nature of savvy charts™, our mission to show you what you need and not what you don’t, our recommended tracks are clearly outlined whilst showing you light sequences for that recommended track as well.

Clear to see and follow recommended tracks
nautical chart information including marina and anchorage

Marina and anchorage information on your nautical charts ⚓

We’re on a mission to give you essential marine information in one easy-to-use app. That’s why we work with Navily and Dockwa to integrate marina and anchorage information. This integration gives you access to user reviews and insights on amenities like fuel docks, restaurants and other facilities as well as the type of holding and best wind direction for optimal shelter.

Even more great boating app features

CTS Boating Feature

Course To Steer

See tidal stream information and get a recommended Course To Steer (CTS) on your screen with a detailed preview of each section of your route.

Vessel Type

Change your mood, change your mode

Yes, we do boating, but we also do kayaking, jet skiing and paddle boarding! Switch “mode” and savvy navvy will alter the algorithm to suit your transportation method of choice. Our Marine GPS feature is particularly useful for paddleboarders to monitor their location.

Night & Satellite Mode

Night & Satellite Modes

Protect your night vision with savvy night mode and use satellite overlay to take a more detailed look at marinas and anchorages.

Offline Charts & Offline Weather

Offline Charts & Weather

Download chart and weather data for use offline. Save chart packs for the areas where you’re sailing so you can continue to use all your favourite savvy navvy features even when sailing off-grid.

GPX Export Function

Export Routes

Plot your route with savvy navvy then export your route to a GPX file. This can be used with your onboard chart plotter for active navigation.

Customer Service

Dedicated Customer Support

We have a dedicated team on-call within the savvy navvy app to answer any questions you have, wherever and whenever you need us.