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savvy navvy computes thousands of routes

Sailing navigation made simple

Navigation can be very time consuming for sailors, meaning you spend more time calculating your route than actually sailing! But now there’s a better way to plan your route.

savvy navvy is changing the way sailors navigate, making the process more simple, safer and faster than ever before. Our complete marine navigation solution combines all the required data points in two simple clicks. If you’re fed up with spending hours plotting a course, then savvy navvy is for you!


Building the best sailing navigation solution for you

You asked and we listened. We’re a startup working to include new features that will make savvy navvy the best sailing navigation solution for you.

We understand that not everyone does the same amount of sailing. So whether you’re a casual sailor, seasoned cruiser or an all year round sea dog, you can pick a subscription that suits you.

Planned Features

Timeline of our planned features, avoid charted hazards, departure planning, route options, electronic log