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Have you ever considered upskilling your boat techniques? What about boating the stunning Essequibo River or proving your metal at the Monaco energy boat challenge?

Well, after this week’s update, you just might! But first, let’s kick off with an impressively ambitious 18-year-old skipper…

18-Year-Old Takes On Round Britain e-RIB Challenge to Raise Awareness of Sustainable Boating

Follow the adventure as 18-year-old Skipper, Harry Besley, as he attempts to navigate around Britain in an electric RIB. Harry’s team will document the challenges, wins, setbacks and successes he faces as they watch the story unfold.

“I hope this challenge gets people talking about the positive impact electric boats can have, and thinking about what sustainable methods and alternatives could be possible.” Harry Besley, e-RIB skipper.

Harry will be using savvy navvy as one of his navigation aids for the adventure, so we hope to update you on his progress soon!

Watch the interview and follow the adventures here >

Is Hydrogen the Gas with Mass Appeal?

Hydrogen fuel cells have been hailed as the future of green yachting but as with all things, sometimes the details can be somewhat complicated. Boat International’s Sam Fortescue takes a deep dive into the future of green yachting and how modern energy solutions can play their role.

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Exploring Guyana’s Mighty Essequibo River by Boat

Looking for a little adventure inspiration? Follow the adventures of James and Jayne Pearce as they cruise the mighty Essequibo River in Guyana onboard Scout, their 2021 Garcia Exploration 45. 

The swirling estuary of the mighty Essequibo River awaits.

Let’s dive in >

Sanlorenzo joins the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024

Image credit: Sanlorenzo at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024 © Sanlorenzo Yachts

Sanlorenzo, a world leader in yacht manufacturing, took part in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024. 

Event participants face a series of challenges, from high-speed races to endurance tests, each designed to evaluate the boat’s speed, manoeuvrability, and energy efficiency. These trials foster a competitive spirit and serve as a platform for innovators to showcase their cutting-edge sustainable solutions. 

"We are confident that by supporting younger generations, we will be able to address the challenges towards sustainability", comments Massimo Perotti, Chairman and CEO of Sanlorenzo.

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The Best Places to Learn How to Sail

Do you like the idea of joining an educational charter that teaches you how to sail whilst also navigating some of the world's most jaw-dropping coastlines? 

Here at savvy, we believe boating is for everyone and that learning shouldn’t be intimidating. The Director of Communications at ASA seems to feel the same way, telling Condé Nast Traveler “Sailing is for everyone. It’s important to understand that anyone can sail.”

From the Virgin Islands to the Florida Keys, the Sea of Cortez, Croatia and more. This article is sure to light a fire of motivation for anyone thinking of taking a leap into boating. 

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Do More Complex Boats Mean Owners Need to Upskill?

With modern yachts boasting an increasing amount of tech and wizardry it might be the case that many boaters are feeling the need for a skills boost. If you’re considering it, what’s the best way to go about injecting some upskilling into your boat life?

Yachting World’s Will Burton explores what private coaching onboard your boat can offer and how it might be the key to that boaty boost!

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