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Potato ship deliveries, Atlaskan tsunamis and Caribbean rum collections in the savvy news

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I hope you’re in the mood for some boaty entertainment because this week we’re diving into some pretty cool stories that will have you reaching for the boat keys. Let’s get started.

A 2-Day Voyage to Deliver Potatoes for a Chip Shop

One man is trying to revive zero-carbon cargo routes by sailing produce along England’s eastern seaboard – and taking paying passengers along for the thrilling ride.

“This two-day sail honestly feels like life lived at full meaning; highs, lows, teamwork, discomfort, safety; one of the biggest and best experiences of my last two decades.”

How far would you go to deliver potato chips sustainably?

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Sailing in Alaska? Watch Out for Tsunamis

Yes, you read that right…it seems tour boat operators and cruise ship captains face growing hazards from tsunamis generated by collapsing cliffs. 

In 2015, 76 million cubic meters of rock crashed from the rugged cliffs above a southeastern Alaska fjord into the water below. The landslide sparked a nearly 200-meter-tall wave that roared down the narrow Taan Fiord and out into Icy Bay, with no one around to witness the collapse. 

Landslide-generated tsunamis are low-probability, high-consequence events. But as rising temperatures cause glaciers to melt, the steep slopes of southeastern Alaska’s numerous fjords are becoming increasingly unstable. Unlike tsunamis triggered by earthquakes far offshore, which take time to strike coastal communities, tsunamis triggered by coastal landslides appear suddenly and can cause significantly higher waves.

So the question is, if disaster strikes what should be done?

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TransEurope - Citizen Science for Sustainable Marinas

Our friends and partners at TransEurope Marinas are going the extra mile to help develop ocean literacy in marinas. TransEurope Marinas’ involvement in the Horizon Europe LandSeaLot project was born in part through a recognised need to improve ocean literacy in marinas, for which the first step has been initiating a relationship with ocean science. The second is to engage with the precepts of community outreach and gain insights into ethical and equitable public interaction.

Find out more about this vital initiative here >

Starlink Priority Data for Boating – Tested and Reviewed

Do you like the idea of being connected whilst out at sea, just like you would if you were sitting at home in your lounge? Or do you prefer to head off to the horizon and leave the clatter and buzz of life behind? Either way, chances are you’ve heard of Starlink for boating and the revolutionary door it’s opening for communications at sea. 

Fox Morgan from Yachting World took Starlink to sea to flush out the pros and cons of this much-talked-about addition to the boating world. How did it pan out?

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12 Dream Boating Experiences Worth a Look

Photo credit: Rick Tomlinson

How would you like to sail to a rock concert on a cliff in Norway, take on a photo expedition with Skip Novak or perhaps complete a Transatlantic crossing to collect Caribbean rum and coffee? Whatever floats your boat (sorry for the pun) this list of dream boating experiences is not your average ‘chase the horizon’ bucket list, they’re adventures you’re sure to be regaling your friends with for years.

From chartering like a celebrity to watching the megastars and boating with a purpose, let’s ignite that wanderlust.

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The Carrick Bend. Can You Tie Our Knot of the Week?

It’s time to get practising again. The Carrick Bend is a knot used for joining two lines. It is particularly appropriate for heavy rope or cable that is too large and stiff to be easily formed into other common bends. 

When was the last time you practised tying this knot? Give it a go, then click the link below to check you got it right. 🙌

The Carrick Bend >

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