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NZ world records, Maldive seagrass love and bronze age replicas in the savvy news

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From world records and bronze age classics to cruising the world, new boater tips and knot practice, today’s edition is jam-packed. Let’s dive in…

Australian Sailor Lisa Blaire Sets New World Record 

An Australian woman has become the first person to sail around New Zealand solo, non-stop and unassisted in under 17 days.

Lisa embarked on her journey from Auckland on May 7th, sailing more than 2,672 nautical miles before docking back in Auckland on May 24th.

The trip took her 16 days and 23 hours, setting a new world record for mono-hull solo sailing around the country in under 17 days. Lisa completed the journey without stopping, surviving on 20-minute micro sleeps!

Previously Lisa was also a member of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, an adventure she undertook having never sailed before in her life. More recently Lisa was the fastest person to sail solo non-stop and unassisted around Antarctica on her yacht Climate Action. She now holds 5 world records, woweee!

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Bronze Age Replica Boats Ready to Launch

Two Bronze Age-style log boats are ready to float after a team of volunteers completed their build using replica tools and fire. 🔥

The project is part of a Heritage Lottery project that aims to connect Stanwick Lakes, Northamptonshire, with its ancient past. Everything from the team's tools to how the boats would have been piloted has remained true to the Bronze Age era with the boats' launch due on the 21st of July!

Cool huh? Read the full story here >

Seagrass Meadows Rapidly Epand in Maldives - But Why? 

It would seem Maldivian seagrasses have expanded three-fold over the last two decades – and island populations could be playing a part.

In fact, research has shown that seagrass is surprisingly three times more likely to be found next to inhabited islands, rather than uninhabited ones. Could it be that seagrass can benefit from living in seas close to humans? Possibly, if we do it right. 

Matthew Floyd has spent more than three years studying the drivers of seagrass habitat expansion in the Maldives and his findings are super interesting!

Read the report here >

Show some seagrass love with your savvy navvy app 🌱

Reminder: you can view seagrass bed information and key marine conservation data in-app, helping you make more ‘savvy’ (sorry I couldn’t help myself) choices when it comes to dropping your anchor. ⚓

Read about our seagrass conservation project here >

6 Essential Boating Tips for Beginners

Here at savvy navvy we’re all about making boating safe and fun, for everyone. New boaters might have a little trepidation about casting off their lines for the first time, but it’s good to know this is perfectly normal.

The Sea Tow Foundation and Sea Tow have joined forces to promote boating safety and awareness as part of National Safe Boating Week (and beyond), with Sea Tow Captains from around the world sharing their top tips for boating safety.

Review their top safety tips here >

Note, you can check the weather and plan ahead in your savvy app. 🙌

How to Sail Around the World: Launching an Epic Adventure

Almost all of us likely have, or still do, dream about slipping lines and sailing off through the horizon to boat around the world. But what does it take to go from thinking about it to actually doing it? A good understanding of what’s involved, what to expect and how you can prepare is probably a good start!

In this article circumnavigator Dan Bower talks of cruising around the world, why he’s going again and how you should prepare. 

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Knot Practice

This week I’m featuring the Ashley Stopper Knot. Have you got this one nailed? If not don’t get tied up in knots (again sorry) about it, take a look below and get practising till you’re a seasoned pro. 😎

View the video here >

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