Navionics vs savvy navvy the differences explained

Check out a video review from Fair Isle Sailing for more information.

In short, savvy navvy is just different. It isn’t straightforward to put savvy navvy and Navionics next to each other because they are essentially solving different problems. But to give a high level overview, we thought we would summarise the key differences so you can see for yourself. 


savvy navvy

Nautical chart detail All layers Clutter free
Additional Depth detail “Live Sonar” Lidar contours
Satellite overlay
Tidal Streams overlay
Relief shading
Wind map overlay
Detailed on land information
Routing Basic Dock to Dock Weather routing
Calculated Course To Steer
Weather forecasts 3 day 4 day
Visual Departure Scheduler
Marina and Anchorage information
Anchor Alarm