savvy navvy privacy policy

First of all our apologies, we suspect you are like us and don’t like to read legal small print. So we’ve tried to make this page as easy to get through as possible, using plain English rather than legal mumbo jumbo.

It is, however, important for you to understand exactly what data we record, which of it is essential to savvy navvy working properly, and which of it you can opt out of, if you do not wish us to keep that data.

On this page we explain all of that and you can also change your settings with regards to the data we record for the website.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and it was designed with your privacy and security in mind. It ensures you can always know what is recorded about you (the reason for this page), and allows you control over what is and isn’t recorded, as well as allow you to get access to that data or request it all be deleted, should you choose to do so.

You are free to ask us about any data we hold on file for you, as well as ask us to completely remove any record we have ever held about you. In short, we are 100% GDPR compliant, so feel free to drop us a line at if you have any questions.

The website and the web app

It is important to understand that we operate our service on two different domains. The first is this website (, and the second is the actual savvy navvy app (app.savvy- For each of these, there are different bits of data we need to store. These are outlined below.

The website

We’ll start with the website because this is the simplest of the two. There are only a few things to mention:

  1. We record an anonymous identifier for analytical purposes,
  2. In case something bad happens, we send anonymous error reports
  3. We use advertising cookies for marketing purposes, and
  4. We have a chat messenger on our site.
Anonymous analytical data

Like most websites today, we (anonymously) record some of the actions you take on the website. For example which pages you visit, how long you stay on a certain page, or if you leave quickly because the page might not have the information you were looking for. This allows us to understand how you, and people like you, browse our website. It can tell us if certain pages are not clear to you, and then we can improve them.

We want to make it extremely clear that the identifier we store for this purpose is completely anonymous. We, nor anybody else, can identify you as a specific user from this data.

Whilst this information truly helps us build a better product, it is absolutely within your right to not share such usage data with us. To opt out of sharing this data, you can change your settings on this page.

Error reports

Although we’ve worked extremely hard to make sure you never have any errors when you use savvy navvy, there will be cases when things don’t quite go according to plan. So if you encounter a problem, we record the details of that error, and any actions you might have taken leading up to that error. This allows our engineers to attempt to reproduce the error by effectively following in your footsteps.

We do not record any personally identifiable information for this. It is merely a breadcrumb trail of steps you took; not who you are.

If we can reproduce the problem, we stand a better chance of fixing the root cause, and making savvy navvy a better product.

We do this on both the website and the web app, and whilst strictly not essential for the functioning of either, it really does help us a lot to make our products better.

If you would rather not share error reports with us, you can turn these off here for the website, and in your account settings in the app.

Advertising cookies

In this day and age it should come as no surprise that we rely heavily on digital marketing to get our story of better navigation out to the world. We suspect you have a lot of sailor friends (who else would listen to us go on about sailing all the time?!). And it is exactly this like-mindedness in people where digital marketing shines.

By using advertising cookies, we can find people just like you; who love sailing and want to enjoy their time on the boat. It allows us to show our ads to the right people, and thereby grow our savvy navvy community.

But if you would prefer us not to use these cookies, you can turn it off on this page.

The settings on this page are device specific!

NOTE: As shown above, we never record any personally identifiable data of you for the website. Because of that, we can not identify you from one device to another. So if you browse savvy navvy on multiple devices, and you want to change these privacy settings, you will need to change them individually on each device explicitly.

The chat messenger

We really want all our customers to be able to reach us and ask any questions they may have. So on our website, you’ll find a chat messenger allowing you to chat directly to our team.

Since we do not record personal identifiable information about you, the chat messenger will not tell us who you are. You may of course volunteer personal details if you wish, just be aware that this will be kept on file.

If we are not online, you can leave your email on the chat so that we can get back to you. We will not use that email to send you marketing information, but only use it to get back to you about the question you asked us. If you later on decide to join savvy navvy, we will link these chat conversations with your app account.

At any point in time you can ask us to remove any historical chat information.

The web app

In order for the web app to function properly, it needs to keep track of a bit more data than the website. In particular, there are essential things we record without which the app would simply not function correctly. These are:

  1. Your account: In order for you to use the app, you need to create an account. The account is made up of your email address, a password only known to you (we never store the password in human readable form), and some details you may provide about your boat.

  2. The geographical location where you view/use the charts: As you browse our charts, we need to keep track of the areas you are working in, so that we can pay our chart suppliers for the chart usage. We never pass on anything about you as an individual. We only give them aggregated user counts.

  3. Data required for Customer Support: We love getting feedback from our users and have designed savvy navvy with an in-app messenger so that you can reach us any time. Aside from feedback, it is also crucial for us to support you should you run into any issues. For this system to work, it records basic information about your device (such as which Operating System you use, which browser, and other such details) as well as the actions you’ve taken so that we can understand why you might be having an issue.

Aside from these essential pieces of data, the only other things we record are:

  1. An anonymous identifier for analytical purposes,
  2. In case of problems we send error reports back to our servers, and
  3. We use advertising cookies for marketing purposes.

The reasons for doing this are the same as for the website: to ultimately improve our product for you. But if you’d rather not have us record this data, you can turn it off under Account Settings inside the app.

The blue dot on the chart…

A quick note about ‘the blue dot’ on the chart. If you use the GPS locator button, also known as ‘the blue dot’, then we need to ask the browser to give us permission to get your current location. But we do not store this location anywhere! It is merely used to show you a blue dot on the chart. It is never sent to our servers or anywhere else.

Paying for your subscription

We do not receive or store your credit card details. Stripe, our payment processor, will receive personal data including, but not limited to your email, card details and IP address, which they will handle in accordance with their Global Privacy Policy. Stripe will inform us of credits and debits on your card relating to savvy navvy. If you request that your personally identifiable information is deleted, we will immediately cease to use it for marketing, and will delete it if and when possible, in compliance with applicable laws including those governing accounting, taxation record keeping, money laundering etc.

Where is this data held?

Our backend runs on Amazon Web Services, so your account details are securely stored in their data centers. This is also where we store the geographical areas where you browse/use our charts.

Our customer support system is Intercom. This is where all our communication with you is securely stored. If (as per your right) you ask us to completely remove your account, we will permanently delete all of these communications, including all in-app chat conversations we may have had.

Payment information is held by (Stripe)[] as mentioned in the section above.

For analytical data, we use a combination of Google Analytics, Amplitude and HotJar. As mentioned above, none of these services ever hold any personal identifiable information of you.

And for the error reports, we use

Your settings

The website

Allow analytical data
Allow advertising cookies
Send error reports

The web app

You need to log in to the app, where you will be able to change your preferences under the account settings.