Two clicks, and you're done

Just one click to set your start and another to tell us where you want to go, and we will combine all the necessary data to compare thousands of potential routes within seconds.

Real time wind

You don’t need to find and download grib files. We’ve integrated real time GFS models and calculate the best wind angles.

tidal calculations

We will do all your tidal calculations for you. With departure planning built in.

(coming soon)

Charted shallows

With charts from official hydrographic offices around the globe, we never route you over dangerous shallows and avoid submerged rocks and other dangers.

Avoid nasty swells

Nothing spoils a sailing trip faster than big rolling waves. We route around bad sea state, so you and your crew don't get sea sick.

(coming soon)

Into the future...

Navigation at sea hasn’t changed much in the last 5,000 years... until now. We plan to bring high tech and the power of machine learning to the task of navigation with the introduction of the savvy box.

By integrating with your boat’s telemetry, our algorithms will learn how you sail, and optimise the route planning specifically for you.

Additional features

ETA Planning

Set your boat dimensions and we'll calculate your estimated time of arrival.

GPS Location

Use savvy navvy on your phone or tablet, and we'll show you a blue dot to indicate your position.

3D preview route

Step through the recommended route one leg at a time, in this three dimensional preview mode.

Export waypoints

Want to use your onboard chart plotter? No problem, just export the waypoints and you're all set.