Fish-Flow Routing

Don't get caught out

Effect of fish movement

Although the effect the movement of fish has on the flow of the ocean is a well-known phenomenon, in general boaters do not, or rather can not easily counteract this drift when planning their course as the fish are not easily predictable.

Until now…

Launching today 1 April 2022, savvy navvy introduces the first ever Fish-Flow-Routing algorithm.

AI fish flow routing

Artificial Intelligence

At savvy navvy we have built an extremely precise AI model, which allows us to accurately predict the movement of the ocean due to fish behaviour. Using this model, allows us to calculate the required Course To Steer in order for you to never miss your destination.

Not to be used for fishing

Our Fish-Flow-Routing is a groundbreaking innovation in navigation and routing algorithms, providing immense power. However, with great power comes great responsibility. While our model could obviously be used to predict the presence of fish in specific areas, it may not be used as a fish-finding solution.The risk of overfishing would simply be too great.

AI fish flow routing

Try it for yourself

The new Fish-Flow-Routing is integrated into all of our plans, so try it for yourself today!