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Why savvy navvy is the best sailing app

It's the first all-in-one sailing navigation solution

There are a number of marine apps on the market, most focus on specific information such as wind, tide or chart data. This can be time consuming, inconvenient and expensive as you need to use a number of different sources to collate all the information to plan your route effectively and safely.

With savvy navvy you can plot your entire passage within seconds and be sure that all the important weather forecast and chart data is taken into consideration all at once.

savvy navvy
Wind routing
Swell avoidance
Nautical charts
Routing around shallows/dangers
Departure planning
3D preview of route
Laptop/PC, iOS and Android
Ability to re-route offline
Tidal calculations
Supported today    Coming soon
Pro version only

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As you can see in the table above, there are a number of features we are already working on. You can try the web app for free, or buy a pass that suits you. We understand that not everyone does the same amount of sailing. So whether you’re a casual sailor, seasoned cruiser or an all year round sea dog, you can pick a subscription that works for you.