Top 5 Sailing Movies to Watch During the COVID-19 Lockdown

During the COVID-19 pandemic many of us are on lockdown. Whilst we’re confined to our sofas there has never  been a better time to catch up on our favourite sailing movies!

Here are our top 5, must watch, sailing movies. We’ll be back on the water again soon, until then here’s a little motivation, so pour a drink, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy.



For those that like a little history, an inspiring true story and some ladies with true grit. Follow the story of Tracey Edward (originally a cook aboard charter boats) who went on to lead the first ever all female crew to compete in the 1989 Whitbread Round the World Race, a race that is set to happen again in 2023 under the new name of the Ocean Globe Race.

Tracey’s ambitions to put together an all-female crew was widely opposed by people and the press, who were known to take bets on the Maiden crew not even finishing the first leg of the race. This is an incredible true story of oppression, self-doubt, determination and true grit, in the face of adversity.

Watch the trailer:



Wind is based on the New York Yacht Club’s loss of the America’s Cup trophy through events that took place during the 1987 America’s Cup in Fremantle, Australia.

If you like your sailing film to be factually accurate when it comes to sailing navigation techniques and terminology, this is the film for you. It has been claimed that “Wind” contains some of the best big boat sailing manoeuvres of all time. The director hired Peter Gilmour (whose daring sailing during the 1987 defender selection series got him a spot on the defender boat for the America’s Cup) was hired as a “Sailing Master” for the film.

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Now this one is a little more Hollywood but if you’re looking for an inspiring true story of love and survival, this is the movie for you. Set in 1983 Adrift tells the tale of two sailors who set out on a passage from Tahiti to San Diego, a journey that would take them straight into the heart of one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history (something avoidable with savvy navvy’s marine weather forecast).

This film is all about the power of the human spirit, resilience and the incredible things we are capable of in our attempt to survive in even the harshest environments.

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White Squall


White Squall is a 1996 coming of age film based on a true story of a group of unruly boys who sign up to crew a sailing school ship in an attempt to gain the experience and discipline their parents feel they lack.

The plot is based on the Brigantine Albatross which sank in May 1961, the crews struggle to survive and the trial that ensued for the man they called the “Skipper” thereafter. If you like survival movies loosely based on true stories with a twist of courtroom this is the movie for you!

Watch the trailer:

Swiss Family Robinson


This might be an old film but it’s an absolute must watch for the whole family, and considering the film banked 40 million dollars (making it one of the most successful family movies ever made) we think we’re not alone with this vote.

Set in 1960, a family on route to New Guinea are shipwrecked on a deserted island. The family remains on the island after their ship is irreparably damaged. Follow the family as they adapt to island life, eventually making it their home. Swiss Family Robinson is all about exotic animals, island adventures and tree houses whilst avoiding the constant threat of pirate attack and a somewhat uncertain future.

Watch the trailer:

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