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Camilla Ransom

The Future of Sailing

Posted on Saturday, Feb 3, 2018 | reading time: 3 min

At savvy navvy we’re busy building the future of sailing navigation. If you want a glimpse of what’s to come then try out the beta. With gorgeous charts and automatic routes the future’s looking bright!

That got us thinking, what might sailing be like in the far future, say 100 years from now? Here’s our look into the crystal ball. We’re not too sure we like all we see!

Buying a boat

Use your VR simulator to take a virtual tour around your prospective new yachts. Remember the days when you had to physically travel? With distance now no object you can take a look at yachts in Europe, the US or Australia from the comfort of your own sofa. Lie on the beds, walk around the deck, check the sails and (importantly!) check there’s enough headroom down below!

Good so far? Go for a sail.

Slip the lines and off you go. Feel what she’s like to handle in close quarters then out of the marina to hoist the sails and get underway. All the joys of sailing without needing to leave the house. Looks like this reality might not be too far away, have a look at what MarineVerse are working on.

She’s the one!

Pay the seller in Bitcoin and the ownership record (plus all that other annoying paperwork) is updated automatically and online within seconds. Congratulations boat owner! She’s now making her way to you, unassisted, and sending regular updates as to her ETA in your chosen marina. You also follow her journey live through her accompanying overhead drone.

She’s arrived.

Mooring is completely automatic. As the boat enters the marina, she’ll get herself into her berth unassisted, accounting for wind and current. (Ah! That’s something to add to the savvy navvy backlog - auto mooring!) No more embarrassing near-misses or dinks in the gelcoat for you! Sit in the yacht club, glass of wine in hand and politely nod to your fellow sailors as she glides on in.

What’s going on when I’m not there?

No more sleepless nights worrying about the yacht trying to sink herself when you’re away. Everything onboard is self aware, self righting, and self repairing. Lines alert you if they’re chafing, seacocks if they’re eroding and they might even do their own rejuvenation? If the wind picks up your lines will ease and tension themselves depending on conditions in the marina. Nano-bots will clean your hull automatically, fixing little cracks in the gelcoat as they go. Fenders too are a thing of the past - sensors mean they automatically keep a safe distance from one another.

Whilst we can’t predict the future, here are some of the things we’d like there to be by then:

  1. If you’re unfortunate enough to fall overboard, your yacht will notice and simply send the tender to come fetch you. Or will the drone just come and pull you out?
  2. Drysuits that really are dry.
  3. Heads up displays / holograms at night to show where the marina entrance is.
  4. Energy provided by wind and solar - no more smelly diesel engines. Graphite batteries, fully integrated into the hull take no space, charge quickly and store energy forever.

What would you like to see?

Obviously we don’t know what the future will bring, except that we’re pretty sure there will still only be two types of wind: from the wrong direction, or none at all… ;-)