5 Sailing Blogs to Read During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Here are our picks of some of the best sailing blogs to read. We have picked a diverse selection that you may not have come across before, enjoy.

Yachting World


Have you discovered the new zero carbon cruiser? Read the inside story of the nail biting 2019 Sydney to Hobart race? With the Yachting World blog you get expert sailing tips, behind the scenes tours of new yachts with Toby Hodges and the inside scoop on the Whitbread winner’s amazing restoration.

This is a boat blog for sailors who want to know more about sailing tactics, marine navigation, technical details, new boats and extraordinary voyages. If this sounds like your kind of thing, take a look!

Sailing Anarchy


Sometimes brutal, always entertaining and certainly fabulously honest. Sailing Anarchy is a renowned website for sailing news, reviews and sometimes brutally controversial views. And yes they have a blog!

If you like writers that don’t mince their words, report on the latest sailing news as well as funny mistakes, amazing achievements and cool product updates, these guys are the writers for you! Just be careful, they bite.

Sailing Nanji


“It looks like a unicorn farted, check out our new spinnaker!” Welcome to the Sailing Nanji blog, run by a couple, Yoshi and Bonita, and their whippet dog Marley. This Young Australian couple are circumnavigating the world in their old boat, with limited sailing navigation tools and on a budget.

The crew of three left Australia for New Caledonia in 2017 and have been sailing (and making blog videos) ever since. From hauling out in Thailand to boat maintenance and the general highs and lows of learning to live on a boat 24/7. There’s plenty of content in this blog to keep you occupied throughout and beyond the COVID-19 lockdown.

So if you like sailing and a bit of shameless reality TV we suggest you put your feet up, start at the beginning and enjoy the sail!

SV Delos


An adventure that started in 2008 with the purchase of an Amel Super Maramu called Delos and one man’s decision to give up his day job to set sail and seek adventure. This solo mission quickly became a party of 4 explorers who document their explorations around the world via their SV Delos blog.

“Your boat will never be 100% ready but at some point you just need to cast off the lines and head out!” This blog is dedicated to those that are considering an adventure of their own as inspiration for pursuing your own dreams, whether they be based on land or sea!

Sailing Totem


An ex-sail maker, his wife and three children decided to chase a life that was closer to nature. In 2008 they set sail from Puget Sound with their three children aged 4, 6 and 9. The family has grown up on the boat, circumnavigated and then kept going. Via their website you can find out about their latest adventures, get advice on homeschooling and cruising with your family!

This is the perfect sailing blog to follow if you’ve got a family (or you’re a parent) and you’re thinking of taking a leap to “get out there!”

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